Urgent notice: Flood prevention

  • Just receive a flooding prevention notice from the city. Please cleanup leaves, branches,sticks in your back and front yard, make sure nothing block all drains in your yard, especially check all entrance of basement. Please also check your basement if your sum-pump is working.


Based on our standard Tenancy contract, tenant must have valid Tenant Home Insurance during the whole tenancy. Please contact your insurance agent if your are covered for flood damages.



Dawen.ca Office

Chinese translation:


市府刚发出雨水倒灌⚠️警示,如不清理树叶、树枝,再有今早的大雨很容易造成雨水倒灌进屋变成图6。大温房管局要求所有业主检查三件事:1. 清扫院子树叶,确保没有杂物覆盖在雨水井盖上 2. 检查地下室门前下水孔,下水网盖清除尘网,保证下水流畅! 3. 检查地下室Sump-pump(污水泵)确保正常工作,没有溢出。污水泵通常在设备间地上,有个地面的盖子图5。 赶快检查!4. 联系自己的保险经纪,确认有雨水倒灌条款 flooding coverage! Www.dawen.ca